a day to relax

May 01, 2014

A very happy labor's day to all of you!
it's indeed a day to relax midweek for those of you working yo!
last week, me and my girlfriends also decided to relax after the hassle of assignments so they asked me to bring them to Tours les Jous at Bukit Bintang since I had positive review about the place
A date to have tea became a 2D1N tour at Kuala Lumpur since they booked a room at Prince Hotel too lol
FYI, Prince Hotel is located just opposite Pavillion so it was very convenient for us to travel to and fro

OOTD with one of le girlfriend!
we actually decide to all weat crop tops but I ditched out since my crop tops are so limited and I've got nothing to mix n match them with hahaha typical girl problem, no?

floral dress and boots- Nile.com
le other girlfriend was holding my camera but fear not, you'll see her later in this post

The hotel room!

#girlsbeinggirls we took dozens and dozens of pictures of us but I only chose two of them haha
These were taken using Iphone 5, so may not be as clear as the ones using camera

le girlfriends!!

After that, Tours les Jours!
Since I blogged about it before, no more pictures of ambience is needed, if you want to, click here for the previous Tours les Jours
surprisingly there were quite a lot of people there even though it's a weekday!
me choosing a pastry, forgot the name since pastries have those fancy fancy names lol

Anyeong! messy hair me hahaha kept chanting self-made mantras to make it grow longer lol
its the same everywhere everyone, when you have long hair, you want it short, when it's short, you want it to grow *sighhhhh if I were a boy..............

After that, we went to Pavilion for pressie search for Mummy
For dinner, we were craving Italian, so Italian restaurant here we come!
We choose Michelangelos at Pavilion's walkway

tired and hungry! gimme an elephant and I'll even eat its bones

some random shot

Cannelloni di Pollo
tubes of oven-baked pastas, filled with chicken and served in tomato sauce
it is quite good but after taking two tubes, it may start to be filling

yum yum!

Zuppa do Pollo e Funghi
chicken pieces with mushroom and spaghetti in herbs broth
this is also recommended!

Linguini alle Vongole Veraci
Linguini with fresh clams in white wine juice
I tasted abit and look the taste! tasted alike with aglio olio to me

won't bother you guys with le minor things we did at night
in the end we slept around 2am hahaha and I'm the kind of person who swear by my midnight curfew
called room service in the morning!
yes, my fav pastry and english breakfast again

after that, we went for a morning swim and and and! I learnt swimming in 1 minute hahahaha
I love swimming !!!!!!
we promised each other not to post pictures of us in bikinis so that's it lol
You mess with my girlfriends, you mess with me yo!

That's all for now!

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