April 29, 2014

Life is busy in the moment with studies, freelance works (that I rarely mention here lol), family business etc etc.
Talking about busy-ness, I usually just make myself a bowl of maggi or maybe milo with oats and that's it
That's what you will get when you want to be in bed the whole day or am too lazy to choose an outfit out and look for food and the jam. the parking. is enough to make me get my 3in1 milo
normally I would lie on bed and be like "urghhh, what to eat..... again?"

so, food has become a necessity instead of me enjoying them
I found this website-

and a shock to my life- they have it on so many other countries including Africa, which couldn't actually fit into my screen *jaws drop
is this......... heaven?

Mother's day is at a corner and so what if you couldn't manage to book a restaurant?
open you laptop and order! shoooooo easy, easy as pie
if you like, you can even order some steaks from tony roma's, some pizza from Papa John's, with the comfort of Starbucks Chocolate chip Frappucino (my fav drink ever)

I know right? now, this is what I call a celebration *throws confetti

well known comic blogger- Cheechingy teaches how to order from on the tips of our fingers

and guess what? even has an app to make it more convenient!!

oh, just me checking out what food to order and get them sent to me, where ever I am (in KL)

and good news!
Sign up and get discounts on restaurants!! WHATCHA WAITIN' FOHH?!!
oh? you hate discounts? hahaha just joking

even good news to you , you and you reading my post right now is giving out 5 food vouchers worth MYR10 on my blog!!!
just comment on why should give you their vouchers and that's all!!
the most creative answer gets it heehee
once again, all at the tip of your fingers
oh, don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you for the vouchers
free food, baybeh!!! I'll be waiting for your comments kay?

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