colour ya lips

April 01, 2014

Ohai loves! blogging in between assignments and oh a presentation tomorrow
this is what I call passion lol
I've been receiving some request for my lip color and I thought,
"Oh my as well post it here and let the whole world knows" haha
truth to be said, I never gave a thought of lipsticks until er, a few months ago
I used to think that lipsticks are only for aunties, can you actually believe it?
Oh, you faithless of lipsticks

and now, I can't seem to live without them lol
To prove that I am right, I even gave comparisons of pictures of me before and after

Products used:
(from left)
NYX Color Lip Balm (color number CLB01)

(from left)
me with no lip color at all
NYX Color Lip Balm

I look abit pale without lip color as you can see
while with NYX I look perfect! It actually gave my face the oomph it should have while looking natural
The last pic is using Benetint, which of course is a lip tint, so it just gave my lips a lil bit of redness, of course this is with only 2 apply, if you want to make it look redder, apply more times!
Do forgive my toothache pose lol no idea what I was thinking at that time hahaha
hope that I changed your impressions of lipsticks too!

With love,

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