Lavazza Cafe

April 16, 2014

Yobosaeyo yohbos! (Hello darlings)
been busy working these few days but don't worry! I have pending pots coming up up up!
went to meet up with my girlfriend few days ago at lavazza Cafe near her place, haven;t met up in a bit so #girlsbeinggirls you know what happens lol
Le girlfriend has been cutting her hair shorter and shorter so I called her my boyfriend instead hahaha seriously she looks like my boyfriend in the pictures below so scroll on!
My girlfriend/boyfriend hahaha

Dating OOTD!
I called le gf/bf to wear nicer and put on some make up because I'm dressing up but in the end she still came in a dress. full stop. with zero make up lol unbelievable lah this woman

The mbience of the cafe was unexpectedly quite nice even though it's in a housing area
I heard from my gf/bf that they even customize cakes for customers! cool, no?
For prices and details, do call them up as I have absolutely no idea about it

The ceiling of the cafe is so dreamy!!! My favourite color- mint or to make it sound cooler, Tiffany color

more picture of the ambience!

Surprisingly, the price wasn't expensive and the food is quite tasty! definitely will be coming back for more

In the end, we spent 15 minutes eating and 2 hours talking and talking and talking lol
we have too much to say to each other about our family, studies, work, love life hahaha
we actually wanted to sing karaoke at the nearby Neway but then decided not to, since we will have too little time talking lol
random picture while talking

Another 30 minutes was spent on taking pictures lol
I forgot to take pictures of the place we were sitting, which was large sofas that screams comfy comfy comfy! lolll you may have to ditch the lunch and dinner time crowd in order to get them
me checking out our pictures

In the end we took lotsaaaaaaaa cray cray pictures like these but neh, don't want to spam them here so I chose the nicest! If you are following me on Facebook or Insta, you may have already seen them but I can't stop myself from posting them!!! too funny, no?
The only one who is able to make me laugh and do silly things lol should I ditch her?

She really does look like bf, right??? she called me her 野蛮女友 lol our relationship is complicated like that
For more information, do go to Lavazza Cafe's facebook or website

Address: Jalan Segar Perdana, Taman Segar Perdana, 43200 Cheras, Selangor

Tel no. : 03-9075 2345

Find me on facebook @Charis Ngui
or Instagram @Charisnk

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