pleated craze

April 24, 2014

Hey, it's me again
sorry for ignoring you again, the modem at home is driving me nuts
As usual, I've been online shopping again and and and I found out that pleats are in again !!!
let it be long pleated skirt or short ones
time to dust my pleated skirt and wear it out again!

This time round, I'm wearing it with a crop top and pointy toe flats
the whole idea is to make me look longer and hopefully taller hahaha
Being petite in size means that those model looks on runway? forget them, I ain't gonna look like them even if I did bought the exact skirt/dress/tops/bottoms
I've always say that if I'm a guy, I'd definitely go for girls with long legs 
they are shooooo sexayyyyy omg I won't be able to tear myself away from them, let alone love them
Though truth hurts, I'm stuck with these liabilities lollll

So, no matter what, I've always find ways to lengthen them, let it be high waist skirt/shorts/jeans
as long as it is high waisted, I have them all I NEED THEMMMMM

crop tops are also my saviour! I love whoever that invented them XOXO

For your information,
crop top- Kitschen
pleated skirt- DUET
pointy toe flats- Zalora

In my previous post I mention that mint/Tiffany color is my favorite
any favorite is wine red!! I absolutely definitely love them too

finishing off with me looking dreamy hahaha I do hope that is what I look
as long it doesn't make me look like a pervert it's okay
I guess?


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  1. u have hot body to accommodate crop tees, that alone, is enough to overweight the fact about being petite!!!! envy die me oh!!! AND ALSO UR PRETTY FACE!!!!

    1. thanks Fione!!!! You really made my day heehee <3 <3 <3 XOXO

  2. Lovely mix and match of the outfit, love your shoes too (:

    1. thanks Hilda! the shoes are lovely to look at but a pain to walk in lolll

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