spice it up!

March 29, 2014

Hello there again!
The weather is really really hot and I just recovered from a bad cough last week
tune down on heaty and spicy food and you're be fine haha call me Dr. Charis lol

I started to make up when I was 15 years old, I guess?
The only make up I have is the silver eyeliner from SkinFood lol and each time I put it on, I think that I am the prettiest 15 year old out there lol
and every occasion there's basically only one make up
After years of practice and experimenting, well you know what they say, Practice makes perfect
now, every different occasion has its own make up haha for example, there's the dating make up, the special occasion make up, the church make up, the party make up etc.

I normally spice things up when I'm wearing casually or when I think I don't stand out
For example, movie day with family yesterday

black singlet- no idea what brand
black high waist short- FittingLoom
denim jacket- FittingLoom
converse shoe- Timesquare
dual color clutch- CottonOn

Imagine me holding another black clutch I'd be looking like a nobody
well, unless of course I'm having a bad day and doesn't want people to look at me scowling at them hahaha
but normally, I'd have something to stand out let it be accessories or a bright colour top or bottom

or, my red lips lol

Have a nice Sunday and fingers crossed, no Monday blues!

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