too much love

March 21, 2014

ohai there readers!
just an update from my hectic student life, can't wait to leave all these behind and embrace working life!
title says it all, I've always been too sentimental and compassionate
good thing? bad thing?
the thing is, i think i have too much love, is it even possible?
take the MH370 case as an example, everytime i read the newspaper and know that it is still out there somewhere, i feel a tinge of sadness and tears starts to swell up
There must be a reason to all these, don't you think?
and the poor poor family and relatives of them, I can't even imagine how they must be feeling
When I say my heart goes fully out to them, I mean it

Another case is animal abuses all over the world,
I can never EVER fathom what is going on in the heads of those abusers
since I have a pet puppy at home and am a strong animal lover at heart
just to prove that you are a whole lot more in control? find somewhere else to express it, can't you?
those poor poor animals who can't even defend themselves
do you really feel better after abusing them? SERIOUSLY???
sometimes, this world makes me feel so so sad and so so helpless, don't you?

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  1. March is not a happy month :(
    Haze, MH370, Forest in fire etc etc cause me to have a very negative minded too.
    But don't worry, all good thing will come after bad things :)

    1. true true Jacqueline! let's hopw for a better future *fingers crosses*

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha you are too kind Rane! There's a hugeeee difference between me n Jane lol but thanks =D

  3. hmmm yeahhh! BOOO to those animal abuser!