happy international women's day

March 07, 2014

[This is not an advertorial]
happy international women's day, ladies!
truth to be said, it is hard to be a modern woman these days
people have so much expectations for you, for example, appearance, knowledge, personality and more
sometimes, all these can be overwelming and we could break down anytime
Thanks to body shop, they came up with a "Be more than beautiful" campaign where i read it on the newspaper and i think it is really awesome!
What they are promoting is not appearance wise, where women have to always shave, and smell nice, with make up and shits like that
but being yourself

from left: Datuk Ambiga Sreevasanan, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Zainah Anwar and Ivy Josiah

REAL beauty isn’t skin deep but a composite of characteristics in a woman that go beyond the physical – funny, empathetic, strong, tender, courageous, compassionate, wise, steadfast, pioneering.

Nowadays, young girls look on the role models like artistes and actress that are perfect- appearance wise
the perfect eyes, perfect nose ,perfect jawline, perfect figure
what they don't know, is the process of being like that- the facial surgery, the diets, the make ups, the photoshops
and when they can't be like them, they actually get depressed and get all suicidal

I actually like the answer Ivy Josiah said in reply to what is beauty "A woman is beautiful because she is confident, passionate and has a twinkle in her eyes."

and I think this is more reachable than being perfect in the outside, no?

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