the new nu sentral mall

May 14, 2014

sem break is hereeeeeeeeeeee
since I'll be super free with nothing else to do except moping around the house for one whole month
I made a mental note to myself that I will blog more!
since I'm so free, I found myself having more thoughts on...... everything lol and I'd better write them down for future references so my 60-year-old self will know what I was thinking now and get a laugh

few days ago I went with le boyfie to the new nu sentral mall linked with kl sentral, and surprisingly it was quite nice though lots of shops aren't open yet
The crowd was pretty much, and I suppose this will be the next upcoming mall as soon as the other shops is launched
This is the view from where I sat, not bad huh?

and I also visited the new monki in kl branch! I was super excited because they are the sister branch of H&M and I don't know about you, but I've always been a fan of H&M!
The clothes are funky, sophisticated and fashionable, definitely not a disappointment

I was pretty impressed with the garden outside (opposite kl sentral monorail)
it's like a small garden in the center of a busy street
if you are a frequent driver nearby, you will know that there's always a jam here
So it's nice having a change of view

OOTD of the day!
top- timesquare
high waist skirt- Kitschen
cardigan tied mid-waist- somewhere
necklace- diva
sling bag- Zara

I have always loved drapping a cardigan around my waist to help cover places that I'm not so confident of *uh hum it's great to hide your backside, slim the hips and also show that you have a thinner waistline
since I am not blessed with thin hips and a sexy backside, this will make do!
always know your body's pro and con and show its best side!

Last picture of the post! me with my ATM machine, kisses machine, photographer, companion and lover lol


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  2. I passed by Nu Sentral few times but not pay a real visit yet.
    Any special outlets?

    My Pandora

    1. Unexpectedly they have Charles n Keith, Pedro, Nike, Adidas, Cotton On, MBG ad more! Though there's lots of retails that will only be opening soon. Go there one day and see it for yourself! x

  3. Hahah. Love your last sentence. ATM machine, kisses machine....etc' ;)
    Btw, thanks for the post will go to check it out soon!! :D

  4. hahaha he's my all-in-one companion =D

  5. will it be far if am walking from the monorail or any of the lrt stations in kl sentral to the mall?

    1. Hi kai xin! it is actually linked so it's super convenient=D