To a younger me and you

May 12, 2014

It's been some time I haven't done an OOTD post, either there is no one to take my OOTD for me or I wore crap out lol 
of course I wear Tshirts and shorts with (non matching *gasp) slippers out sometimes when I'm going somewhere nearby or out for food with my family
but mostly when I'm going out I try to dress up a bit 
hey, who doesn't want to look lovely? not me!

This Sunday (Mother's day!), after staring at my wardrobe for what, 10 minutes without finding anything to wear #girlsbeinggirls
I decided to go casual, not the "I-don't-care-casual" but the "oh-I'm-so-chic-casual" hahaha 
whether it's casual chic or Tshirt and jeans, I think the best outfit is the one you feel comfortable with
no sense wearing something nice but you feeling all awkward, yes?
most importantly is to be none other than yourself
If you think you look good, YOU LOOK GOOD
when you look good, you feel good 

I know that I may not be the best person to give such advice but this is what I've always meant to say to the younger me
I used to be all awkward and is always super self-conscious around people
but things changed when I figured out we can't control what people think, so why bother?
and also, I found my own style and felt good about it too lol

If you're wondering, details of my OOTD -
mint singlet- CottonOn
jeans- FittingLoom
outer knit wear- Bazaar
bag- Charles and Keith
thick platform booties-
long necklace- Christmas present!

The reason why i love love love necklaces, normal or statement, is that they help to reinforce your outfit 
imagine you feeling all bold and wants to get noticed, you go with a statement necklace
going girly and princessy? go sweet necklace
casual? go long necklaces 

that's how the cookie crumbles hahahaha always wanted to say that somewhere lol
talk to you soon!


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