my non-workouts

May 15, 2014

Ohaii it's me again! Like promised, here I am blogging again hahaha let's see how long this will last
my determination level is probably -64825492
Today is considered a productive day! reasons are:

1. Got up early in the morning (9am sharp!) 
2. then had breakfast (Kellogg's Fitnesse with Honey Stars hahaha seeing that they both are almost finish and didn't want to be nagged by mummy for opening yet another new cereal box, I mix n match both of them! mix n match in the highest level, that's me) 
3. Cooked soup, baked beans and rice for mummy's kindergarten
4. Done abit of a photoshoot for an advertorial but will only be up by tomorrow!

talking about my non-determination..........are my non-workouts lol
everyone of us like to look our best and what better way than to workout?
Those flabby butterfly arms, the flabby tummy tumbling out of our jeans, the elephant's thigh etc.
I swear, I tried my best to tackle them but somehow or another, I always ALWAYS fall out of them
I know! right?

One of the best things about smartphones are the multi apps!
want to learn how to make up? tons of make up apps
want to read? e books to the rescue!
want to listen to the newest Kpop song? thousands of apps to choose from

and. to prove how determined I  am  was, I even downloaded workouts apps!
and oh hahaha workouts for lazy people lol

They were my bible since,
If they ask me to stand sleeping, I'd do it
munch for 20 times before swallowing, yes sir!
dance around naked in the bathroom, of course!
hahaha just kidding but this  is  was how strict I followed them

....... and after two weeks max, bye bye!

After another months or so, I feel the need to workout again
so this time to be more motivated I even stick motivation pictures on the wall
The place where I will see them when I lie on my bed
I was thinking, genius right? of course this time I will be able to stay til the end, maybe even teaching my kids how to do them, til death do us part
I called them- my bed workouts lol.

It lasts for three weeks and now I just think them of decorations on the wall hahaha

This are my workout pattern lol say them on facebook and screenshot every move to follow
hopefully just in time for my bday party!!

Let's see when I'll dump them aside, ya?
no more "til death do us part" promises anymore lol

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  1. im as lazy as well!!!!
    last time i went to the gym was 1 month + ago T__T
    guilty die me hah xD