Erabelle Prestige launch

May 26, 2014

Good morning world!
a few days ago I had the opportunity to join the launch of Malaysia's first Erabelle Prestige launch
Erabelle is a facial spa outlet originated from Singapore that uses Japanese quality service culture- "Kaizen Spirit of Excellence"
Kaizen means continuous improvement so you can be ensured that you will have the best quality
Also, they are famous for their erabrowlogy, which is brow service for Asian women with different brow shape, they will customize your brow for you according to your face shape to bring out your best look!
and trust me, the shape of your brow really does make you look different as I had the opportunity to try out their brow designing service

This is a traditional sake barrel breaking tool used for launching
we chinese normally do house warming, christians uses house blessings and Japanese use this as a blessing too

From left- wife of Japan ambassador, founder of Erabelle and someone from the outlet
here they are breaking the sake barrel using the hammer- the long awaited launch!

After that, each of us had a wooden bowl of sakae in a form of celebration *throws confetti

I really am impressed with the effort founder, Esther had put into
The concept of the Erabelle branch in The Gardens is using is 5 star luxury boutique hotel ambience
and the decorations are really all to die for!

Their best sellers (from highest shelve) eyebrow pencil that won them various awards, tweezer, skin renewal essence, different types of mask

The moment you walk into the spa, they will give you a change of slippers- very comfortable!
For VIP's, they will even get their personal slippers to avoid using the same ones with others, this is what I call good service!

Before visiting their spa rooms, we were treated to a traditional treat- Macha with mochi
first, eat the mochi to sweeten your tastebuds
Then, drink your Matcha with three sips
first, drink a small sip of Matcha to taste the taste
second sip is slightly bigger to savor the smoothness and taste of it
the last sip id the biggest and finish them off to really experience the Matcha

After that, we were taken a tour of the hotel oops, i mean spa hahaha
every rooms have their own different and unique theme

with little Japanese decorations, all flew in from Japan!

love love love all the little touches in the spa rooms!

Like mentioned, their concept is a 5 star luxury hotel, so what's a hotel without your own room key?
insert the key to your boutique suite room key holder

Then it will light up! meaning there is a customer in it
that's why i say the founder really had putten in a lot of effort

The hand woven carpet *screamssssss

The alley to all the boutique suite rooms!

Then, we were also showed the spa treatments, this here is the sakae body spa
it uses the remainder of the rice with sakae
mix them together with a massage on your whole body to feel super soft and clean

Oh, did I mention that all beauticians are clad in kimonos???
It is their visual trademarks that represents warm hospitality, dedication and commitment

After a very satisfied tour, we were treated to another famous Japanese dessert- steamed egg with treasures
lol this is what I call them as there are unseen treasures inside of them heehee
all the dessert are made by real Japanese chefs too! no wonder it is the best chawanmushi I've tried so far! yum yumssssssss

Last picture of me showing off my new brows! yippeeeeeeeee

Thank you Erabelle for everything! I really enjoyed myself
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  1. wow really looks like a place to relax! sleep there wake up and become a beautiful person! haha

    1. yes it is!! can treat your gf heeheehee she'll surely be a happy girl!

  2. The whole place just screams RELAXATION. I love the photos you took! :)

    Followed btw <3

    1. thankiew sweetie! yessss i love the place toooooo