i need you not

June 01, 2014

hellooooooooo, isn't the weather today awesome? yay!
( speaking for folks in the klang valley )
while i munch on my skinny chocolate from Bisou, I've decided to talk about deng deng, friendship!

I believe that I've been blessed with good friends and good people in my life
friends that make me laugh and I hope I made them too!
friends that will do anything for me, if I ask nicely
friends that are interested in my life even though there is nothing excited about lol
friends that will fly to space and get me the moon (nah, just kidding, they won't, I asked)
friends that made me mature and a better person and who I am today

however, that doesn't mean I haven't met some rotten apples
friends that pretend to be interested in you when they want to get something from you
friends that make themselves look good by making you look like shit
friends who are dead selfish and think that earth evolves around them
once you have nothing to offer, they chuck you faster than you chuck trash

If you know me, you'll know that friendship is very important to me
I treat friends even better than my own boyfriend wth.
and if anyone tried to do them bad, I'll snap their head and wreck their bones and flesh
in just a second
and the scary thing is, I really will

However, it pains me sometimes when others doesn't
okay okay, maybe I have too high an expectation for myself, that's why I'm so easily disappointed
but what's the point of friendship if they don't make you into a better person but the other way round?
aren't you better off, like this?

friends are just someone to hang out with, laugh together and make each other better (boyfriends or not!)
it isn't as if I want you to give me your liver or heart, for goodness sake
is it really that hard?
why must you want something from them??? let it be physical, emotional or psychological
making friends just so they can get you that Swatch watch?
making friends so that they can make you look better appearance-wise?
making friends so that you are not lonely?
making friends to make you look cool?
this I can never fathom
I always believe friendship is a two way thingy, you give and you get
THIS is how it should be
and it should be in the simplest form, going into it without hoping to gain something

Since then,
I've thrown those rotten apples away from my life, my head, and get on with my life
yes, it may sound hard but it's not, really
in fact, it turned out wayyyyyy better =D
(sounds kinda like a boy-girl relationship already, but in some ways it is, minus the kissing and cuddling haha)

To you out there,
who TREATS me whole-heartedly
who LOVES me for who I am
who ACCEPTS me good or bad
who STAYED after all we've been through
i need youuuuuuuuuuu and thank you for everything

To you out there,
who DUMPED me just because I am not cool enough
who LEFT after finding out that I am not who you expected to be
who RAN AWAY after you got what you wanted
good bye.
and I'm happy you left anyways and made me know who you actually are
good luck! and don't come back again
i need you not.

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