Monamour snail mucin gel mask with collagen

June 16, 2014

Anyeong everybodyyyyy
not in the mood to blog these days as the weather is so so hot so so sweaty my gosh!
every night i tell myself no ice water (ice water at night equals to a chubby face the next morning)
but every night the ice water telepathically tells me to "Drink Me"
now I know how Alice (in wonderland) feels

I have been introduced by a friend to try out this magical gel mask that "kononnya" clears away ALL skin problems lol
I was like "okayyyyyyyyyyy, gimme that!" hahaha
introducing Monamour snail mucin gel mask with collagen to all of you!
if you remembered, snail mucin was first introduced around a year ago and I can still remember the rave,
everybody was using it
well, now it is back in rave baybeh! you know what they say "fire does not scare real gold" lol
FYI, snail mucin is known for its skin renewal functions and now, monamour has it with collagen too! *drools* if it is edible I'll swallow it in one mouthful lol anything for smooth skin
My precioussssss! *inner Gollum*

Monamour is a product from France, and uses 100% natural ingredients with no perfume or chemicals
so it's okay for all skin types *yay*

Functions are:
*anti aging
*anti wrinkle
*heals pimples
*heals acne
*lightens scars
*minimize pores
*minimize blackheads
*minimize whiteheads
*minimize fine lines
*lightens eye bags
another all in one gel mask, I likey!

The texture is very thick so just a thin layer on the face is enough!

... and apply it on the whole face

The after feeling?
it feels super cooling, no particular smell in itself, and can feel that it is super moisturizing one!
your skin has problems mainly because it lacks moisture so if there is sufficient moisture on your face, theoretically there won't be any skin problems lah haha

wait for 30 minutes doing anything you want
for me, it's wechatting slash whatsapping slash line-ing with friends hahaha

then wash off! as easy as 1, 2, 3
and and and the moment you touch your face it goes super "poink poink"
for me, finelines around the eyes and whiteheads are reduced! still waiting for my pores to disappear though!
can't wait can't wait
this product is super efficient for people with pimples/acne problems, one or two application and obvious results can be seen

for more info, you can wechat me at charisnk
or private message me at facebook (Charis Ngui) for more info

want smooth radiant skin? Get yours today!

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    1. hi dear! they are currently doing personal selling only so maybe if you want, you can wechat me ya? the id is in the post <3