3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm

June 09, 2014

Another week another new memories to make!
This time, I've decided to share about my new love for covering obvious pores- 3CE Pore Silky Balm
While using my favorite mask, Garnier's sauna self-heating mask (for pores, obviously) , you know that sometimes just protecting and preventing does help but we need that extra something to look flawless
and and and
I have to admit I have used several pore covering make up like Kate, Holika Holika etc. but I think this 3CE pore silky balm does it best!

The texture is something like a moist dry cream and it blends onto your skin as it is colorless
pores look smooth and is covered up! I actually let my BFF try it and even she says that it is not that oily compared to her Dr Young one
so three down, and more to come!

Also, this pore silky balm can be used as a primer before your foundation to make your skin super smooth!
I was pretty impressed with it as my skin was like... WOW! smooth as silk and I love love LOVE it

the right side of the orange is used with the 3ce pore silky balm and see the uneven surface of the orange!
It is smoothed out! unbelievable no?

normally I'll just dab it onto my fingers so a more thorough job but they also have a facial sponge provided too and feel free to use it as your normal face powder

I is can have smooth looking skin now see?

Love it too? need more info? want the true thing? afraid of fraud 3CE products?
go to http://www.hermo.my/3ce.html

Cheers and have a good night!

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