The dog whisperer

June 30, 2014

Ohaiii everyone! This is probably my first post in ages and I am a teeny weeny guilty hahaha 

Nooooo I wasn't crying out my eyes everyday ( referring to the last post) the moment I wrote it out I felt better and lighter and I'd like to say the emo-ness stopped right there but haha probably took me a day or two or three to finally feel like its nothing
And I have to clarify that it was not my boyfie I was talking about but one of me ex BFF (note the 'ex')

Anyways, last week I was busy busy busy celebrating my bday with all my loved ones and in my family there is no birthday, it's birthweek, to those out there that is rolling your eyes, you should be grateful it's not birthmonth, you know! Need some time to organize all the pictures and stuff so stay tuned! Had a wonderful celebration this year XOXO can't wait to share it out
I am always amazed and thankful that I get to meet wonderful people in my life one. So if you are one of them, a big THANK YOU!

I've had a thought on what to write today and the most interesting moment was when I tried to cut the fur out of my shih tzu's eye and the impression I got was 'you sure you got permission from dear dear to cut my fur?' btw the way he pronounce it is "der der" since he is just 4 year old and not to forget, a puppy. Don't judge.

His 'der der' here would be my daddy since it was him who took him back.
You'd think he'd go for the one who hug him to sleep, sing him lullabies (his favorite would be itsy witsy spider FYI), bring him on doggy rides and freaking pay 80 bucks for grooming, but noooooooo, the one who feeds him gets to be 'der der' even dogs are realistic these days! I cannot even! 
Since I cannot get to be 'der der' I'll call myself the dog whisperer lah since I DO always whisper in his ears lol
 "don't tell der der I'm going out"
 "who is the cutest baby in the whole wide world?" 
"the itsy witsy spider........"

Ah I guess that is all for today
Dog whisperer signing off 

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