goodbye june

July 02, 2014

I still can't believe that my month is gone
just in a blink of eye!! those old chinese philosopher really are clever "time never stay for anyone"
I think I really am blessed to have so many good people around me and taking time and effort to help make my day a special one
truth to be said, I really don't feel any difference in this one year hahaha but if compared to my 18 year old self then AHA! I'd say I matured alot
I learnt to accept that I can't please everyone so just be true to myself
I learnt that a relationship with the mighty one is truly very important
I learnt to give and take in a BGR (boy girl relationship)
I learnt that friendship comes and go and only the true ones will stay behind
I learnt that forgiving and forgetting helps in any relationship (family, friends, boyfriends, mailman wth lol)
there's so so much I learnt that I hope to give this "wise" knowledge to the younger ones hahahaha but who am I? I'm no Obi-Wan Kenobi (from star wars) nor Dumbledore (from Harry Potter)
ahhhhh, so I'll just continue my rant here lah

Birthday celebration with my BFF at happyonlogy restaurant in cheras makhota

who is also my personal photographer and fellow mystery shopper lolllll
if you're wondering, we're mystery shoppers because we were taking 68393529 pictures in the restaurant and those (foreign) waitresses were using a kind of expression watching us so we were like, " hello? we're mystery shoppers who wants to test your services okay?" lollllll my jaws will always be sore from laughing when I'm with my partner in crime one

next on is with le boyfie at Morganfeilds, Pavilion

Then dessert at Haagen Daz

Birthday celebration with my girls at Scott Garden Loft Suites for a day!
we rented a suite for a night and went cray cray midnight lol

the two birthday girls! our bithdays are only 2 days apart so every year we celebrate them together

with our substitute birthday cake hahaha
if you see clearly enough you can see that ther ice cream is already melting and #youknowwhy lolll


check out one of our normal videos hahaha I am still hesitating whether or not to post those cray cray ones on the web hmmmmmm

and that's all!
had a wonderful wonderful birthday this year and i love all those who made them possible

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  1. Hi Charis! Happy belated birthday! Let's keep in touch through Google friends... Follow me at