after 5 years

July 29, 2014

5 years time is not too long nor too short but boy can you do all sorts in it
you can....
use it for your degree and masters
build your dream house from scratch
watch a baby grow into a five-year-old
work and save around 30k considering you save 500 per month

and I used it on...... him

lol in a good kind of way of course hahaha
when I look back at pictures 5 years ago, I actually get into a heart attack seeing how childish I look and acted but we all had our moments, no? OR IS IT JUST ME ??!
when people normally ask me how long is my relationship and I tell them "5 years loh"
I usually get two kind of reaction

one is- "WHATTTTT?!!! u no get bored one meh?!!"
the other- "WAAAAA!! 5 YEARS?!!"

LOL. true story.
truth to be said, no, I didn't got bored or he wouldn't still be around no?
I admit I am not the perfect girlfriend and my temper is one of a kind lol one moment I can be super happy and without knowing, I can be super emotional just because of a few words he had said
I am not proud nor am I bragging but everytime world war happens, he is the one who is sensible
One of the reason we are still together is that he didn't let go
and of course, he treats me like a princess hahaha and of course I am grateful for having such a boyfie so when everytime I tell him "I love you baby" he will go "If you love me so much, change your temper" hahaha how adorable!

even though we often joked that we were an item too early, I know that it's just for laugh
I mean, what will i have become without him?
Even after all these years, I still feel like I'm in love when I'm with him
When we're apart, I count the days we can be together again
How can this be when we've already been together for 5 freaking years?!!
Well, I just have to conclude that he is the love of my life, don't I? I sure can't find any other reasons for this feeling, can you?

thanks for reading kind sirs and ladies

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