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July 21, 2014

well well hello there! It's been awhile since a blogged any read-worthy posts hahaha forgive all my rantings before because I am back!!!
No, I haven't been hiding and crying but had absolutely nothing to blog about, you know, the usual
and and and 
too lazy to actually dress up and make up myself lol sometimes I just can't believe myself
I know right?

I actually got this worthy book a month plus ago but i wanted to actually use a voucher before posting them here
There are two editions, that is the FnB (food and beverage) edition and also the beauty edition (inclusive of shopping, beauty, fashion, health and wellness)
There are shooooo many participating outlets (more than 120 of them!!) and to name a few...
F Block
The body shop
celebrity fitness
toast box
shilin taiwan street snacks
Bar-B-Q plaza

I was so so excited that I straitaway tore them out and stuff them in my purse just in case I got to use them!
just like the other day when I went to Morganfield's with le boyf, I got to use my Morganfield voucher!

and just like that, RM10 off the bill!
You know that I have the mantra "shop smart, shop more" hahaha this is definitely my thing!

geddit? I'm actually spelling "S,A,V,E" lol 
the minutes I see "SALE" I shop like a madwoman, le boyf can testify to that hahaha
worthy book deals actually expire on the 31st March 2015 so take your time and enjoy discounts off and even FREE service like their 
#5-day free trial at celebrity fitness
#waxing service at Bubble Gum wax
#and more like buy 1 free 1 service, 50% off .....

dirty secret out- checking my worthy book just in case I missed a voucher .....

Interested? screaming off your lungs "WHERE CAN I GET IT??!!" already? lol
it's available at all major bookstores- Mph, Borders, Popular, Kinokuniya, Times and mynews.com
for just RM25!!!!
bloody good deal I'd say
gogogo, don't bother scrolling down anymore lol I'd be at the same spot checking my worthy book deals and see if I can SAVE MOREEEEEEE
must......save........ *zombie mode*


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  1. There's Borders at Msia? There's no more borders here :/

    - angelus-officially.blogspot.com

  2. My mantra is "shop not, save more" :P

  3. I oso need to save! T_T Always buy expensive stuff but not worth it lol

    1. lol expensive stuff more quality ma, cannot say not worth it one xp