Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew essence

May 18, 2014

Hello there sweeties!
The weekend is almost over, I knowwwwwww
most of us will either be in denial or living til the last moment hahaha Monday is always the hardest, no? *sigh

I received a parcel from hermo last two weeks ago to try out their mandelic acid skin renew essence
and I was super excited as I found very good reviews online so this is the end result of applying it for 12 days! This is make up free, unbelievable right?!!!
just after cleanser and toner, the rumored fresh skin lol

What is it?
  • Renew skin with 20% of Mandelic Acid
  • Exfoliates dead skin cell 
  • Anti-bacteria to fight acne skin
  • Prevent uneven skin tone & freckles
  • Vitamin E for scar lightening
  • Non sticky formula
  • 7 days reduce inflammation & redness
  • 14 days visible scar lightening & less acne
  • Tighten pores
  • Skin becomes spotless, smooth& radiant
  • 14 days money back guarantee
I know that you reaction at first will be like "What?? acid on ma skin? No way Jose"
But trust me, it only has 20% of it to exfoliate our skin so your skin is safe 

Do follow the following steps babes!
  1. Apply a few drops onto whole face or on acne area after toner.
  2. Follow by hydrating skin care products. 
  3. Minor peeling effect will occur. (normal as a skin renew process)
  4. Avoid using whitening products & AHA products.
  5. Need a lot hydration care.
This was what I used for my face (morning and night)

1. Bio Essense deep nourishing toner (Missing in action here though!)
2. Hado Labo Moisturizing lotion
3. Shills mandelic acid skin renew essence
4. Sisters evening primrose vanishing cream from Shanghai (aka my moisturizer)
5. Holika holika miracle real skin finish

The essence is in a form of a syringe, two to three drops is enough unless you have big ass face like me, so I used three to four drops 

It is a colorless liquid which comes with a little smell, which doesn't bother me much because it is not that strong anyway
It is also not sticky, which is a major plus already!

are you ready to look at the before/after pictures?
The difference is not that much difference since my skin is not problematic but I suppose that to those who have problematic skin, it will show a great difference!

I have always have red cheeks due to the residue of my pimples in my high school days and nothing I do will make them leave so I was pretty frustrated and practically gave up on them already one lol until now !!!!
also, my big huge gigantic pores on my face, I really cannot get rid of them, until now also!!
the picture on the left is me before application of the mandelic acid skin renew essence- red cheeks (checked), big ass pores (checked), lifeless dull skin (checked), fine lines around eyes (checked) and those white heads (checked)

on the right side is the new me!
no more red cheeks, reduces pores and glowing skin *shouts
and those annoying little white heads on my forehead are also gone!

and this is just after 12 days, can you believe it? 
of course, you can't expect great skin after only one application, do you?
patience is always to key to everything

and and and! Shills is so confident that they will even promise you a 14 day money back guarantee is you are not satisfied
convinced now?

All for a better skin!


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    1. hi kai xin! I think its 129? go over to their website and check ya <3

  2. Hi, just wondering where in Shanghai did you get your moisturizer? I've been looking for that cream and I have a family member going to China next week and want to be able to direct her where she can get this. Thank you.