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May 04, 2014

Good morning worldddddddddd
Truth to be said, every morning I wake up the last in the family and day by day I'm getting nearer and nearer to the days where I'm gonna start work and no more extra sleep!!!!!! oh, the horror of even thinking of it
No thanks to the help of those working friends and families who will never let me forget about the fact, saying "appreciate your free time, you won't have them anymore when u start work" with a smirk on their face
Did i imagine that, or did they really just smirked at me ??!!!!

Truth to be said, I really have nothing productive coming out of me right now
I stay at home all the time, doing nothing except read so I guess I'll talk about books? lolll

Like every other teenagers, I used to love reading romance novels
Imagine, an ordinary girl-next-door attracting the eye of someone rich, famous and romantic
after declaring his undying love to her, they get married, get pregnant, whichever comes first and lives happily ever after. the end.

No wonder teenage girls are always depressed.
All these lies told to them tsk tsk tsk just being a realist these days
my version goes like this:
Girl meets boy. girl likes boy. doesn't care that he has a girlfriend. get pregnant. became single mother. became alcoholic. Child became a psychopath.

hahahahahaha okay okay, I'm still a romantic in heart but not these nonsense that is fed to us via romance novels!
These days, I read books by authors like
1. Dorothy Koomson (mostly how blacks and whites mix together)
2. Jodi Picoult (social issues with a twist of plot in the end, awesome read everytime!)
3. Cecelia Ahern (doesn't really count as romance, they are classic)
4. Sophie Kinsella (Do I even need to explain about her?!! shopaholic? rang a bell?)
5. Jenny Colgan (especially The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris)

I guess all books doesn't get to run away from romance because erm, people always yearns for romance?
It's hard getting to know another person who loves reading, except le sis as family doesn't count
but the joy of reading! They are probably one of the reason I'm so hopelessly cheerful
The last time I laughed til my tears rolled out was from le younger bro
"Imma summer monster!"
me and le sis was like "erm, then you melt in winter ah?"
bro: "I said, Imma summon monster"

Then I just couldn't help it
I laughed and laughed and laughed until my tears were running
blame it on my cheerfulness or stress. Either one.
I still think that it is uberly funny hahahaha
okay I'd better stop.


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    1. nice right?? i think you can try cecelia ahern next time =D like p/s I love you, love,rosie, great reads! =D