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May 22, 2014

hello sweeties!
a few days ago I posted a picture of me going for a facial session, oh you didnt see it? add me on instagram at Charisnk already!!! *hardsell

anyways I found this online website that functions like Groupon, Mydeals etc. these kind of voucher operated websites-!
The voucher that I got for the facial is from there! superrrrr discounted price and there are so many deals to choose from!
You always hear people saying "don't study hard, study smart", don't you?
well, my mantra will be "don't shop hard, shop smart" hahaha clever, no? this way, you can buy more with your money! purchasing power goes up up up!
see, I knew my Marketing degree is useful lolll

It is very user friendly also, see the big displayed deal? those are recommended deals!
Christian Dior for 64% off? shut up already!!
take my money!!!!

Below the recommended deals are other deals as well!
you can choose from the different areas- products, travel, wellness, food or activities

Another factor that interest me as well is they practices Customer Relationship Management too!
for every deal you buy, there will be points according to the price of you deal
and after that, if you have enough points, you get to get the deals for FREE
the magic word us ladies like to hear, no? hahaha

However, there is a minor inconvenience when you want to print your voucher out!
though it is nothing major until you'd rather give up an amazing deal
save your deal voucher in webpage style

Then choose "Open with" Microsoft Word
then its done!

Print it out then go enjoy your deal at a cheap cheap cheap price!
awesome, no?
For more information, click the widget below!


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  1. try printing it out using adobe as most of the formats of documents use adobe