we're connected

May 02, 2014

Good morning to you, blog readers!

I've always been a hopeless technology person
I don't know how to copy paste words other other using the obvious, right click using the mouse and press "copy" until I somehow saw le sis using "Ctrl+C" for copy and "Ctrl+V" to paste
hahahaa I'm deeply ashamed of it one actually 
some of you may have found out that I don't reply to your comments

until, what, two months later lol
It's not that I don't reply on purpose, it's actually I don't even know you commented!
and all because..........
I never set my settings on blogspot to send me notifications on my email

now that I'm done, 
we're connected! and let's stay that way, shall we?

just don't ask me to post moving memes or moving pictures (HOW ON EARTH DO THEY DO IT??!!)
and we're fine *beams


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