Tous les Jours bakery

January 20, 2014

Hello bello!
formatted my netbook and have to wait til i installed my "mei tu" to edit my pictures smaller, if not i will have to wait for hours just to upload my pictures *pooh*
have loads of pending posts haha and this is one of it

My cousin from Penang came to kl for her convocation and I thought of showing her where to buy nice and cheap clothes and where to go but bukit bintang area? Shopping malls next to/opposite each other, heaven for shoppers, no?
After shopping, we decided to rest our legs and spare her bf for a short while hahaha
Tous Les Jours is a "French-Asian" bakery serving a selection of bakery goods and beverages just opposite Lot 10
We heard some good reviews and went to review it for ourselves! lol
 pictures are necessary

It turned out to be an awesome place to sit back and relax
their bakeries is not bad though eve said her garlic bread was too hard lol
they should probably install a microwave to heat their bakeries, then it'll be perfect!
ending with my shopping OOTD of the day

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