New year

January 06, 2014

Happy new year everyone! a new year a new start, yes?
I made a few resolutions but broke them ALREADY, sometimes I just can't believe myself lol

Anyways, back to the topic, I had an awesome new year dinner to start the year off at Hotel Royal, Bukit Bintang with family and friends
Hotel Royal is previously known as Concorde Hotel, this explains the confusion I got when I googled it haha

since the dinner starts at 6pm, we had to wait for awhile since we got there early
then, the moment it hits 6pm

FOOOOOOOOOD here we come!
as you can obviously see, this is a steamboat slash BBQ buffet dinner
even though it was quite smoky after the place was fully seated and with all the BBQ-ing, the dining experience was quite satisfying
I couldn't possibly live without meat so me and eve were focusing only on the beef and fish fillets haha
there you go! one of my resolutions gone, with a big BABAI in the face

the salad-making section with a variety of different veges

be your own chef!

different types of appetizers, with my favourite ones being- potato salad and fruit yoghurt yum!

the dessert section

went for a short shopping trip afterwards to digest off all the food and here is how I spent my new year with full contentment, tell me about yours!


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