Last thoughts

December 30, 2013

Hello there! I've been to a wedding recently and it was so so beautiful 
if you're online right now, I'd like to thank you for reading my blog and also making my day when you comment, whether it is positive or negative
This year I found out that I've grown more mature spiritually, emotionally and physically
I'd like to thanks all those who helped me into becoming a better person and yes, those who put up with me heh heh you know who you are

as you have already know, yes, I cut my hair and permed it
I know I look good and I feel good about it but somehow there are people who just couldn't stop their mouth from saying things like
"Why did you do it?? You look so much older! aunty! HAHAHA"
"OMG! did you regretted it?"
"I told you, you'd look very old and seeeeeeee"
"Where is the cute Charis I knew??"

Okay, in the beginning I'd just laughed off and say "yes ah? nice what !"
but now, I just plain ignore them, say what you like but I won't give you the satisfaction of acknowledging them

You'd ask, aren't you a bit overreacting?

HELLOOOO of course I'm mad, it is my hair, my life, so why not being supportive instead of being a mean old cow about it?! It makes me so mad that people think they have the right to question EVERYTHING you do, regardless whether or not it affects them
What? You'll look bad when you take picture with me? fine. No pictures with you then, I don't really mind since all you think about is you.
What? just because you haven't got the guts to change, you can judge every single one who does? Hello, you are welcome to stay in your stationary world but leave me out of it.

okay too emotional. *breathes in and out furiously*
I didn't think that I would end 2013 like this but it just fumes me whenever there are people like that appearing, friends or just acquaintances even though the numbers are minor

To those out there who are too scared to change in case you have the same verbal abuse, I'd say "Change is good and if those who don't agree with you, too bad, they wouldn't know the beauty of change even if it hit them on the face"

and to those who accepted my change and even wants to do the same hairstyle, go for it! I think that this hairstyle is awesome and even awesome-r when i dye it for CNY


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