[Review] Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream

December 02, 2013

truth to be said, I never know what the craze of the cc cream is about
until.........now lol.
I used to use bb cream occasionally when I go out but stopped since I found it too thick???
and there were rumors that bb cream isn't good for the skin
anyways thanks to bag of love I got to experience the awesomeness of cc cream

The nanowhite cc cream is unique in a sense that when u press it out, it is white in colour

but when u start to apply, it will turn into skin colour and almost foundation-like
This is my skin after the norms- lotion, essence and sunscreen (Biore bright face milk)

a close-up shot - visible pores, pimples and freckles

After a thin application- instant brightness! if you compare clearly, u will notice that my face before the application of the cc cream is slightly dull, even with the bright face milk which is suppose to brighten my skin tone

close-up shot- covered pores, pimples and with only slightly visible freckles

The secret? Nanowhite infinity cc cream

Not only does Nanowhite infinity cc cream covered up imperfect skin, it also have

  • Vegetamin ACE - vitamin A, C & E from vegetables with antioxidant properties to protect skin
  • Fruitonics           - real fruit extracts to brighten complexion with a radiant glow
  • Revowhite          - nano particle size that reduce blotchiness, dark spots and pigmentation, it also releases whitening actives for a long lasting effect
Awesomeness in a tube! how much more can u ask for?

Til the next post,

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