[Review] Holika holika miracle skin finish vs Biore bright face milk

November 27, 2013

well well, hello there! *waves*
as i mentioned, I will be talking more about beauty products I used and this post will be about sunscreen that I've used
previously, I have been using the Holika holika miracle skin finish as my moisturizer and sunscreen

read here if you haven't!
recently I've changed to Biore's bright face milk and I will be making comparison here

The left picture is me after using Holika's miracle skin finish while on the right side, Biore's bright face milk

Holika's pros & cons:
1.good coverage
2.moisturizer and sunscreen in one
3.brightens face
4.dewy look 
5.acts as primer
6.one bottle can last til almost 6 months for me!
7.lasts through the whole day

1.makes face teeny bit too fair
2.pricey (compared to Biore)

Biore's pros & cons:
1.cheaper in comparison
2.2 months usage tops!
4.brightens up face too (makes face pinkish and sis eve love it much lol)

1.coverage not too good
2.starts to drop off after half a day
3.needs other moisturizer

so, the prize will go to Holika's miracle skin finish and once my Biore is out I am going straight to their store to get one! hope this review is helpful in choosing the perfect sunscreen for you


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