Holika Holika miracle real skin finish review

November 26, 2012

hiya !! in case you haven't realise , I'm doing a review on the product mentioned ...
that is the holika holika miracle real skin finish !!

FYI , Holika Holika is a leading cosmetic and skin care brand that is popular in countries like Korea and Taiwan , and now slowly emerging into Malaysia , though they only have two outlets so far , that is one in Timesquare and the other in Sunway .. I only got to know it via the Mina magazine beauty talk and I totally fall in love with it !!

When people starts to compliment on your skin and ask what skin care you uses , I think that is the time the product you use really does its stuff ! and for me , I have to thank my Holika Holika miracle real skin finish !!
a bit blur though .....

Endorsed by Sistar, Holika Holika's Miracle Real Skin Finish cream is a dynamic, light-weight skin tone correction cream that also provides bright radiance, moisture and SPF protection (SPF 25) to your skin. Think of it as a super light BB cream that works to enhance the look of your natural, bare face.

  • Features niacinamide, a key ingredient for skin whitening effects.
  • Floral extracts help protect and moisturize skin.

The Miracle Real Skin Finish cream, comes in a jar that’s either pink (Normal/Dry Skin) or purple (Combination/Oily Skin) holding about 50g of product.

This is me after putting on my Hada Labo toner and the Holika Holika Miracle real skin finish ( normal / dry skin )
and no , nothing else !!

Now you know why i love it !! Being the lazy person I am , I am aware of my age and of course the need to take care of it but i am just sooooo lazy !! 
Then now I've found the perfect solution , I can put aside all my worries and continue to be the lazy me lol
since this small jar includes moisturizer and sun screen already , it's like having a all-in-one solution to lazy people like me ! 

and and and !! after using it , it gives a radiant glow and helps to cover your uneven pores ! 
it is super light , people won't even know that you've done something to your face lol
I've always have a problem with pores so this is the absolute solution to it 

If you want to go for a thicker make up , you can use it as a primer and then use your foundation over it 
cool huh ??

flaunting my poreless and radiant skin =DD

enough with the silly headband already !!
somehow i think that the flower headband will compliments the Holika Holika product but .... *clears throat
i know it doesn't D= 

so , whatchu waiting for ?? Go get yourself one of it already !!!
oh the price is quite reasonable , it's rm69.90 if I recall it correctly

charis nk

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