it's back !!

December 06, 2012

yes it's no rumor !
the big bad wolf book sale is back !!!!!! at the mines exhibition hall
ok i forgive you if you give me the jackie chan meme face

because only book lover ( aka nerd ) like me will get excited over it !!!
so what is this big bad wolf thingy huh ?
it's a book jumbo sale that sells books for a max. 8rm only !!
cool or what
the last time i went , me n eve were broke so we only gotten like 3 of them *sigh
but no mercy this time !!! we're gonna add stock to our books collection for like , 2 years lol

this is what i took the last time i went there

cute or what ?? seriously i don't know how they're gonna earn big bucks like that
but guess what ??!!
i don't give a damn as long as i iz have new cheap books to feed on !!

anyone of you are also a book lover ?? get ready your luggage bag then because the early bird gets the worm !! ok here is books lol
hah !!

see ya !! *packing luggage bags
xoxo ,

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