i went i conquered

December 10, 2012

so remembered my last post ?
*rolls eye u know , about the big bad wolf book fair ?
well !! i went there finally and gotten some books !!
was kinda disappointed as i could not find my favorite authors but well ! nevermind got some books to keep me company
wouldn't trouble myself to go through it again though since it was SO packed with cars
the security or rela people i'm not sure had to blocked the way to the mines cause there were too many cars wth i was cursing all the way and I still don't believe so many people actually reads
and eve said something very wise , " everybody likes cheap things " ok i paraphased it to make it sound like those wisdom guru but her meaning was there lol

the atmosphere !
walked a few rounds , got bored , then start taking pichas
*typical blogger

they even have coffee / cappucino / frapucino / mocha there in case you need a boost !!
since there were around 3 million books you will feel like your world world is filled with books and get a little dizzy , like me

and also cupcake chic !! just those basic cupcakes design though

big bad wolf is also so considerate !
before leaving they even asked you whether you left anything behind and if you answered yes they ask again ARE YOU SURE ?? erm . yes . stop being irritating lol

books i brought home !! lemme introduce you all ! books , reader , reader , books =D

ahhhh precious books to help me fight boredom !!

that's all for now !!
tata stay tuned for more
xoxo ,

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