hohoho !!

December 23, 2012

the season to give and receive is here !!!
yes it's christmas !! i assume you do know unless you've been living in a cave and uses rocks to mark your calender like the mayans and their 'end-of-the-world' drama ....
dunno whether i should be happy that i iz can have presents or sad that another year is yet to end ...
anyway !!
these few days i've been busy with church's caroling
and ho !! i'm about to reveal the secret behind caroling !!

well , we sing , obviously !!
" joy to the world ..... "

and conquered people's houses .....

and actually feel shameless enough to selca and be merry about it lol

and the most important thing is ....... food session !!
we let people into believing that we will be famished when we sing a few songs and hint that we need food !!!!!

so !!
when are you joining us ???
have a merry merry christmas this season !!
xoxo ,

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