current favorite accessory

December 12, 2012

hey there !!
sorry if i scare you with my made-up face lol was in the mood to blog about this a few days ago
my current favorite accessory !!
i mean , which girl who doesn't have their favorite accessory right ?
accessories are like our one way ticket to becoming a fashionista and here's mine !!
looking plain boring before my accessory and people will probably refer me to "the girl who looks kinda nice but needs fashion class" *jaws drop
welcome to the real world guys !!

then adding my current favorite headband !! note the "current" word lol

now people will refer me to "the girl who looks super nice with the awesome headband" lol
which sounds way much better , no ?
am currently obssessed with objects with spikes i even bought a spikey necklace from cotton on last night ^^
will blog about it someday though !!

clearer view of the headband , which is studs , spike , studs , spike .....

posing with my headband coz i'm really in love with it !!

can see my radiant face when i wear it ??? okok may be it has something to do with my holika holika miracle skin finish lah

blogger that takes every chance to selca =.=
every blog post is an opportunity !! must grab opportunity !! *mimicks zombie voice

ok peeps !! that's all for now !!
oh did you realize i'm wearing contacts again ?? hah !! told ya i'd have my time !! *success kid story
who am I fooling , thinking i look good without contacts and make up ?? pooh !!

silently praying that the boyfie doesn't kill me ......
lol just kidding !!
xoxo ,

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