November 21, 2012

it's been ages since me or le sis blogged and yes !! we admit we are guilty !!
cuff us and send us to the already packed irresponsible bloggers prison where they will force us to face the computer 24/7 and force us to blog at least 5 entries per day *gasp
sound like a nightmare already !!!

le bf and me and le sis and her bf went to the infamous levain for lunch last week
ootd - turquoise singlet from timesquare , high low skirt from a bazaar , blazer from romp , sis's bag

let's check out the atmosphere first , shall we ?

now prepare to feast your eyes on food , food and more food !!
the awesome strawberry yogurt which you absolutely have to try
better than the macaroons even !!

just a contented me and awesome food .... oh oh oh !! spot my faded bleached strands !!
then it's light pink and now going light orange ....

le famous seafood aglio-olio spaghetti that sis ordered ...

meatball spaghetti which was the most normal tasting food of all we ordered ...

my mushroom cream spaghetti !!
i am amazed that i can actually memorize all the names @.@

..... and to prove that it's mine ..... lolol

beef sandwich !! haha it do have a more glamorous name but i forgot !! so just call it beef sandwich lah

drooling already ? well , just head over to there now !!
and i guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed *wink

that's all for now !!
xoxo ,

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