the best yong taufu !

November 05, 2012

heya peeps !! i know i haven't been blogging as frequent as i used to but life is hectic so bear with me !
had nothing interesting to blog anout so my as well blog about this absolutely mouth watering yong tau fu that i wanted to blog for some time now !!

The Puchong Yong taufu !!! which is somehow located in serdang haha
i figure their first branch is at Puchong thus the name ...
or ! the boss might be from Puchong and wanted people to think that Puchong's yong taufu is as nice as it ...
whichever it is , i don't really mind much lah ... just gimme the food !!!!!

The place is usually packed in the weekends and their must-have white taufu will be sold out by then so you'll probably want to go there around 6 ???
me and le sis have this routine , every sunday we'll say this to each other ,
" what you're gonna say when papa ask us where to go for dinner ?? " *squinting eyes
" YONG TAU FU !!!!!! "  lol
yes , that is how tasty it is and with a reasonable price ! erm , KL style la that is ...

fried stuff !! recommended is their fu chok ( soy skin ) and taufu pok ( stuffed fried taufu )

soup stuff !!
recommended white taufu *drools

and ladies finger , which is XXL size 

their soup is also super nice to pair with their AAA rice !!

with spinach of course , for muscles like popeye the sailor man

wanna experience some unforgettable dining ?
Puchong Yong Taufu is the place !!
see you there !!!!

Selangor, Seri Kembangan, No 21-23 Jalan PSK 2,Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan
tel : 03-8938 1159

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