random update

October 26, 2012

no idea what i wanna blog but still wanna blog , that's with my randomly typed random title lol
started the new semester this week and *sigh still not done with the subject's registration wth
am super frustrated about the courses , and assignments ( yes ! already ! ) and my scholarship
but anyways ,

my key to happiness is to ignore any bad stuff until it is inevitable lol
yes yes , i know some of you will say that i'm just running away from the freaking problems but well , us all have our own way to dealing with it and if my way doesn't affect you , why bother whether it is the correct way or not ?

had a bunch of pichas i took but had yet publish so this post is the ultimate post to solve it !!

dinner with le babe at fullhouse !

midvalley date with le love one *blushing

this caption is - *drumsroll .... model wannabe lolol

errr .... this caption shall be .... le funny human with a sleepy shih tzu hahaha

selca-ed while waiting for college friends for the movie- sinister !!
this is my phase where i think i look much better with only mascara and brow powder lol oh and le boyfoe banned me from wearing colour contacts though i shall one day rebel !!!!
so bear with me for some time , i iz will have my time !!!!!!!

squeezing my dimple out and succeeded !! hah !! 

*success kid story

okay that's all for now peeps !!
stay tuned for more ...... interesting titles though
*clears throat i don't always blog like this ........

cheers ,

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