petronas photovoltaic event

October 20, 2012

I still remember this fateful day , it was pouring cats and dogs outside when i went to the petronas Photovoltaic event and wth the petronas peeps wanted us to wear formal wear meaning , no jeans , no showing off tummy and no pretty hot pants 
i wore a simple collar dress with no sleeve and was shivering like a dripping cat stray you normally see outside the road ...
this is me later on when the rain stopped and there were god-sent sunray , though little but better than nothing

we chilled at the sky lobby at klcc tower 3 before the event and boy , the bar looks super comfy and nice !!

selca abit of course !! wouldn't want to waste the pretty background , do I ? 

after the chilling , back to business !!
we went to the hall next the sky lobby for the photovoltaic event while waiting for the VIP's to come
if you are not Malaysian , FYI , VIP's come later than us commoners and normally we have to wait a minimum of 30 minutes for them , so the later you come , the more important you are ...
just another normal day in Malaysia ....

ta dah !! the girl who invited me to go to the event as her plus one lol
i thought that it would be sunny that day that's your answer to your " why is she wearing sunnies on her head if she said that it was raining ?? pulling our tails eh ? "
and no , you don't have a tail *meme face

reading our given event schedule ...

media peeps ( including me lah ) taking pichas of the launching !!
FYI this photovoltaic event indicates the single installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof top on klcc !! how cool is that ?
the energy generated from the system contributes to the reduction of carbon emission of approximately 360,000 kg of carbon dioxide a year , which is equivalent to powering up to 250 households and 6500 energy saving fluorescent lightbulbs for 12 hours daily .
how amazing is that ?? imagine every shopping mall has it , how much energy can we save ??

the photovoltaic panels up on the klcc roof ...

the panels are placed on the rooftop overseeing the klcc park !!

there are even photovoltaic panels behind the klcc suria board leh , awesome or what ?

after the stroll on the rooftop , we went back inside for the interview session with the VIP's

selca-ed abit in the loo , before we went out for refreshments !!
stuff them all in my mouth and forgot to take pichas of them hahahahahaha .... *awkward laugh

went to sushi king for our dinner bcoz zanmai was full with people lining up -.-
ans we didn't want to wait while holding on to our - must eat japanese silly prinsip ....

 that's all peeps !!
stay tuned for more updates
xoxo ,

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