churpout 2012

October 23, 2012

*a pause of shamefulness
i know , churpout 2012 is like , two weeks ago ........
well , you know , i was busy ..........
hahaha no originality with the same old excuses , well i could say that i lost my netbook while fighting with the robbers or was kidnapped by aliens but well , i'm boring like this lol

i still remember that fateful day .....
hahahaha !! geddit ? *sigh if you don't , read my previous post here
because it was raining too , they say that it will be rainy til december so no more sunnies on head ..
though this day was way more serious , the highway was flooded #wth i know !! that serious !
don't ask me what highway though , i'm not good with places nor roads nor highways nor directions
we reached around 11 am and there were already alot of people ....

saw janechuck , audrey and cheesie though no pichas !!
didn't think that i should go to extremes like that , being an anonymous reading their  blogs is better haha

with sister eve

we were debating whether or not to go out to the games section

since we decided not to , since it was raining duh !!
we went to plan B for our lunch

oops !! you spot us drinking !!
*guilty face

selca-ed with my rm5 new-bought bracelet while waiting ....

selca-ed after waiting for like , 30 minutes -.-
imagine the frustration !

then our food came !!!!
the typical blogger and 90's baby thing - taking pichas of food ! and myself lah heehee
don't ask me the name of the food , you should be thankful i took pichas of it before stuffing it all in my mouth like this ...

so see with your mouth close lol

still refuse to be a food blogger , so don't ask !!
that's all for the day , i think ! well . it's been 2 weeks so forgive me if i left out anything....

xoxo ,

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