Genting trip w uni mates

October 04, 2012

note : this is not a genting sponsored trip

okay am starting to freak myself out of the formality lol since im the type of person that always crack jokes and thinks I very funny one lol i seldom do the " formal " thingy very much
and if i do that , i always scare people , normally friends because it is just so not me =D
so i went on a genting 3d2n trip with the uni mates to celebrate us escaping from the monster called exams
only what , 16 of us made it through so thats all of the survivors form my uni that made it !!
others died fighting and struggling with the monster , RIP uni people !!

this is the #ootd which i took with my iphone
denim jacket , printed shorts and pearl studed snitch - fittingloom , 
camisole from kitschen , converse shoe from sungei wang ,
tote bag from daiso hahaha super cheap and cute , no ?

also got to meet up with the boyfie !! 
first thing he said to me is , why you look so ugly ?
and no , you don't have to feel sorry for me because this is the way he says that i'm pretty and cute lol
he just doesn't want me to be too vain , which i think he thinks i am D=

photobombed by his ring finger =.=

just me ......... and the pattern king *snorts where he do look pretty natural leh hahaha !!
well kids , practice makes perfect so start practicing now !! this gor gor also practiced quite alot one =DD

and finally !! the bunch , which is the four of us lolol the others were somewhere , doing something else ...

while resting in our rooms waiting for our movie time , we .......

hahaha cute or what ?? oh yeah , i just remembered this scene where i was in the casino and the boyfie purposely called and ask me not to take any pichas because it is not allowed in the freaking stupid casino ,
hahaha he probably thinks that i will selca while in the casino , which i want to stress , I DIDN'T  !!

second day outfit is practically the same denim jacket with leggings and japanese bun =D
walking the korean wave here at genting !! excluding any make up though , korean wannabe failed D=

oh look !! flowers !!
ignore us town people , we never really get to take pichas with nature at home lol

same pose same place =D

this one is super love one hahaha got take 1 , take 2 and take 3
where we never planned what to do and when the timer is like 3 , 2 , 1
we suddenly pose our pose and here we are =DD oh and btw i don't know why i look so high here so don't ask ...

at midnight , i gave the special one a kiss under the .... clock ,
since i can't find any mistletoe , yet the meaning is the same *winks

day three #ootd
long sleeve shirt from somewhere , and printed shorts again =D

then i took them to the place under the same big clock and selca lol

bye bye genting !!

floral printed shades from f block

oh you're still here ??

do come again for my next post =DD

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  1. eiye~ the one kissing under the clock is ma favorite!! XD