september !

September 28, 2012

september is here and is gonna end soon so i figured that i better update what happened in this month before it is october and I ignore what happened in september seeing there is no use in recalling what happened one month ago *sigh

if you read my blog you'll probably know that i recently joined the mina missy contest and that day we attended a beauty talk hosted by holika-holika , anna sui and some nail art peepo ...
they did not say that i can bring a plus one so i went alone and so no one to take my #ootd
so this is the nearest thing i found in my baby cam ...

blazer from romp , singlet from kitschen and lace short ( no , it's not a skirt ) 
and make up done by yours truly  =D
do ignore my messy bed =D

after that , we celebrated eve's first birthday celebration at home !!
yes !! a september baby ! anyone is one too ??
my eyes look super big next to eve because , well , my eyes is bigger la lolol
even though i'd like to convince myself that haha , nola , i had make up on whereas she doesn't

first celebration must have cake one ! so here is our cake ... err i mean her cake !
chocolate indulgence from secret recipe , yums !! here you can see the candles and roughly guess her age then after that guess my age !! nuuuuuuuuuuuuu *flips table with cake on it

another us with the cake hahaha

in mid-sept i had my finals !!! so nothing to blog about , unless you wanna know how awful i look , with unwashed oily hair , no make up and dark eye circles where i am going to skip !! haha

between the finals week , my babe called and say she wanna go genting casino
so , being an almighty good friend i of course said yes !! opportunity to doll up woh , who will say no ???
finals ? darn you !!
#ootd i took myself lol
long black dress from closet , mint colour cardigan from cotton on , pearl-studed snitch necklace from fittingloom , which i am going to blog later ...
i tidied my room the day before while got bored of studying so tadah !! tidy room and you can even see the tiles , which is something rare D=

met up with the boyfie too while the gambler queen babe is inside well , gambling
just realized we are both in our black hair phase !! lol
well , gonna chop you off my long messy locks soon !

that's all for my miserable september ! hope you peeps out there had a better , interesting month than me
xoxo ,

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