Fraser's hill retreat

September 02, 2012

if you'd been following me on instagram , i'm sure you'll know that i went to Fraser's hill these two days for a retreat with my church youth ministry peepo , which i am one of them lol
i know i look more like a youth than a youth ministry committee but yeah , i am =D
we had this retreat to rekindle our passion for the youth and refresh ourselves to continue in this journey
so i am refresh !!! this trip made me realize things i never realized before and help me to be a better person in serving the lord 
so enough talking and here are the pichas !! ever since i got my iphone , it is now my faithful companion to capture perfect memories and scenes but they look a bit blurry because i enlarge it's size for better view
i don't want my readers to have to squint while reading so blur is better than squinting !!

that's all peeps ,
goodnight !

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