what i learnt watching movies

September 17, 2012

well , hello there !!
it's been awhile i believe since you came to my blog i reckon ?
hahaha not that i blame you okay ? i can only blame myself for not updating my poor blog !
i got so lazy updating my blog and since nothing very interesting happened , my as well leave it un-updated !!

so , just a lil' update , i've been busy studying coz finals is this week and frankly speaking i never study at all  this sem of course i have to add extra effort lah even though some of you will probably think " wah extra effort still can update blog one ? " hahaha . very funny . don't tell me during finals you study 24/7 ??
oh . you did ? erm , good for you but i think my brain will burst if i do that ... i normally need to rest for half an hour if i studied for an hour and an hour if its almost 2 hours excluded my nap time ( mostly 2 hours ) and bath time and play time and tv time i max can study for 4 hours only one hahaha .

anyways , this blog is not about studying it's about what i learnt in a one and a half hour movie
that's right !! the resident evil : retribution
my babe asked me what is retribution and i said dunno . hahaha

even though i never watched the first 4 series ( shame on me ? i know )
the starting of the movie gave an overall synopsis about what happened so i don't think i missed out anything unless of course there are making -out sessions in the first 4 series ? i dunno .
they never say anything about alice's love life

there were a few things i learnt from it !! here's some :

1. shoot zombies in the head for them to really die
if you shoot their hands , their legs , their face #wth they will still come for you with their hole-y faces and bodies so i know you can't really get to concentrate while surrounded by zombies , here's some advice ,
breath in , breath out , aim , shoot
seeeeeee , so easy no ??

2. you can look good while kicking asses
no , literally , alice and ada ( li bing bing ) were wearing heels while running from zombies , shooting giants and kicking clones asses
impossible much ? call the producer .

3. you will be the leader when you look like brad pitt
and also the only one survivor . seriously ! and even get the girl

4. make up and hair dye really make a difference
who is le woman ,woman ?
she's alice lahhhhh , if you tell me that they are different women , i'll believe you
but you had to tell me that they're actually the same person , how can i believe ??? well , i can only believe the power of make up and hair dyes

5.take away any insects from opponent's body before fighting
easy right ? better than fighting woth each other til i hear bones cracking then at last only you take the insect away and they're like " alice ? you're back " *rolls eye
ignore the chest ya ?

6.what they say in fiction books doesn't happen in real life
don't go believing what the book says okay ? it says that after you saved the girl she will be so grateful that she will make out with you . haha this does not happen . i repeat .
saving the girl does not make you her hero , she'll only say thanks and you'll be living your separate lives . end of story , no happy ending is going to happen .

okay , i think that's all for now ! what did you learnt ? don't tell me you just sit there with your mind blank ??
okay , other than the girls have nice boobs and asses ?

i think i'll stop here .
ciao !! back to my books *sigh

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