friends or no friends ?

September 04, 2012

the blog stats have motivated me to blog more !! this is like my , 3 post in a week and today is only ..... tuesday ? lolol
anyways today i'm gonna be blogging about ......friends
hahaha what's there to blog about yo bimbo ?
well ,
do you have those kind of friends where they say things like this " you know , i have this friend ...... " when in fact the person isn't their friend !! just someone they know , or their friend's friend or their uncle's aunty daughter boyfriend brother's girlfriend =.=
or worse !! some stranger you approved or added that is your " friend "
i know !! do you know someone like that or are you the one who is like this ??
sometimes i get super annoyed when people does this
i mean , you don't even know the person , for god's sake !! and you go all on about this person just of one picture or one status or you heard her grandmother's niece husband's son's girlfriend talking bout it ...
have you heard about kelly clarkson's mr. know it all ?? you should , you know !
halooooo , i know it's the 21st century but has the word " friend " been broadened so far since ??
wikipedia has it that by calling someone a friend , you have to be attached to that person by feelings or affection and also a person who gives assistance or support to you
not just " friend " that person on facebook or twitter or instagram !!
i cannot imagine walking by some group of people and hear them saying " eh you know charisngui ? she's my friend and YOU KNOW ANOT ??!! ...... "
when i don't even know their names !!
i read the star newspaper sometime ago and an article say that a person can only have around 150 friends a time
and my , that's sounds alot to me ! i don't even know i have that much friends or not
i have just errr ..... max 20 friends ?? haha
i don't even refer to my ex-friends as friends anymore unless i have spoken to them in like , a month only i consider as a friend , a confidente okay ? if someone ask me , i'll just say that we're classmates in secondary os just someone i know ... definitely not friends D=
don't go telling the whole wide world that you're friends with this popular person and this person is not even aware of your existence ya ?
this is just plain sad
and ya , the reason i'm blogging about this is because i have a friend who does this ,
all the time ,
and i'm super annoyed and thus this post is born !!

signing off ,

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  1. yea!! especially after u approved some ppl friend request in FB, thn they come to say hi, yet i dono them in real life, at all..i only chat with ppl tat exists in my real life, n only considering them as my fren k..

  2. lol then you shouldn't even approve their request la > < yoh since you approved them adi of course somehow they will come and haunt you !! haahahahahahaa xp