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August 30, 2012

these few days i noticed some wierd changes in my blog
i mean , normally when i desert my blog without updating it , the traffic will be less than 20 ?
hahaha okok no point lying in my blog , it will come around to around 10 only la *sob
ANYWAYS !!! these few days when i check my blog , the traffic comes around to 80 or so !
really one ! check this out since i know alot of you won't believe me since i myself wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for my own eyes !!

this one was the stats i checked today coz i kept saying to le sis , " there must be something wrong with my traffic !! " though le sis say that it is impossible and that she always believe in her blog traffic and there is no reason for blogger to lie to me what ,
hmmmm she does have a point there  ....

still not believing my eyes , i press the sources that showed the 288 figure
and found this !!

just in case your computer have some error that prevent you from viewing this ,
click here for the real thing !!
i knew it ! i knew that my future is in cuisine blogging when the food pichas i took looks wayyyyy much better than my vain selca ones !! I just doesn't want to accept it i think ....
i is no giving up on being a lifestyle blogger though yeah maybe i should blog more on food or improve on my selca pichas *sigh

got sooo excited when i saw this though i think genting should at least informed me what ...
then all my misunderstanding with blogger wouldn't have happened !!
some minor disappointment when my followers are still the same though *sigh
must be those uncles aunties looking for food in genting that viewed my post =.=
but nevermind !! man man lai !! people will soon flock to my blog and stardom will be mine !!!

signing off ,
future star blogger

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