short update

August 12, 2012

hey there peepo !!
it's been some time since i last update my blog haha
#failblogger as usual =.=
so , I finished three assignments and two dramas this week
so proud of myslef !! why time management so good one ??
have to keep reminding meself to start studying already even though i don't know when is my finals
haha yes me is keeping my "don't know don't care" attitude

gonna change my hair colour and hair style real soon !!
so keep updated ya ?

so that's all !
well , i DID say that this is a short post what , no ?

cheers ,

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  1. Can give me some motivation to study or at least finish my assignment? I every time do till half then sleep edi ><

  2. hahahaha cant help you there ! i myself do them last minute one D= or maybe you can separate it and do them half on one day and the other half on the next day ??