The day we dyed our hair black

August 20, 2012

le sis and I have the ultimate plan to beautify our locks while saving the costs lol
yes we're not filthy rich so we just have to make do D=
and we're really sick of our pudding hair ...

i'm just going to reveal the first step of our awesome plan to act mysteriousy 
we bought liese - a hair bubble dye in case you never heard of it =.=
it can give you equally-dyed hair since it is in bubble , unlike those normal dye in the market and i kinda trust japan made products more heh heh call me unpatriotic but i know deep down you don't really trust locally made products either #truestory

this is the colour we bought from their new dark tone range 
yes , your eyes is no manipulating you , we bought *drumsroll* the natural black colour lol
it's been years since my last hair colour was black , well , now no one will mistake me as a foreigner anymore =D though i kinda like it when people think that i am 

liese is super easy to use you can master it at your first try , I guarantee !!
step 1 : take the bottles out of the box ...

step 2 : pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 ...

step 3 : turn it up and down for about 5 to 6 times gently , NEVER EVER shake it !!

then you'll get this ....
say hello to the reflection me =D

step 4 : put this on top of the bottle ...

step 5 : put ya gloves on !!

 step 6 : squeeze the liqiud out and it becomes bubbles !! awesome japan technology is awesome =D

step 7 : put the bubbles onto your hair until every part of your hair is covered with bubbles =DD

wait for 30 minutes and voila !!
natural black hair is yours !! or here , mine !! =D
now you just have to wait for me to reveal my second plan in getting awesome hair so stay tuned !! =D

cheers , xoxo

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