how to know that you are anti-social

August 27, 2012

i'm sure i told you in my older post that i'm kinda anti-social ..... right ?
well , how to know that you're an anti-social ? though some of us in this category doesn't want to admit it , you can't deny it anymore if you have these criterias ....

1 ) you don't speak to strangers
okay , i know this is kinda funny , i mean , of course you don't speak to the funny-looking uncle that keeps eyeing you while wiping his drool sitting next to you in the LRT right ?
but what i mean here is ..... strangers in church or college that you see every week hah hah
yes ! i have the you-no-speak-to-me-i-no-speak-to-you policy , it doesn't mean that i'm rude or oblivious to others other than myself ! somehow ...... i just don't lol that's why i blog =D
but if , IF you speak to me , i can be kinda friendly though !

2 ) you have the same friends
..... for 5 years and your social circle haven't expended alot in the last few years
like me ......
this is me and my babe in 2008


and present - 2012

whether it's in instagram of facebook or twitter , you take pichas either by yourself or with the same person
over , and over again
you think to yourself that it's okay since every picha is different since you changed your hairstyle , your clothing or made-up , it's still the same okay ? people will see your profile and think , this person has only one friend , it's so boring and sad ! i'll definitely not follow her !!
ehhhhh does this means that you have to dump your one and only friend and move on ???

 3 ) you talk to cats and dogs more than humans

heh heh i know it's abit embarrassing but i admit i do that
i say wow wow to every passing dogs and meow to every cats i passed by
but if you're a human , i'll never say hi nor even see you in the eye lol i know , kinda sad right ? so i'll just jump to the next point D=

4 ) your twitter has the same amount of followers since you first started it

twitter is a place where you tweet about what you want to say that you won't normally say to others or when you have no friends to talk to hah
retweet friend's awesome made up tweets where everyone suddenly becomes poetic in cyberworld =.=
or reply to other's tweets even though they are a complete stranger
and I ............. just do the first one D=
where i somehow finally realize why my followers is the same amount just recently
errr ...... hah hah ?

5 ) you always have the awkward situation while talking to others
don't know how to response to your friends ?
have no topic to talk about ?
there's this awkward silence where you don't know each other that well that the silence is not the i-know-you-too-well-we-have-nothing-to-talk-about-silence ,
but the oh-shit-what-shall-i-talk-to-her/him-about-silence

okay , i'm not saying that when this happens it means that you're 100% stamped as anti-social but if this happens EVERYTIME , well , you know what you are !! *smirk*

badly attempted smirk by me

anti-social expert signing off ,

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  1. Then im another antisocial ppl, lololololol!! We can be antisocial partner ;(

  2. hahaha halo there partner !! lolol xp