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August 05, 2012

well hello peeps !! well , if you've been following me on insta , you'd probably saw me posting pichas of me saying that i went to some kind of interview lol
with me wearing like that , you'd maybe got the wrong idea that i'm looking for jobs lol 
but no , i was actually at the mina magazine malaysia model interview !!!!

was too busy preparing for the interview i forgot to took pichas of the place DD=
anyways it is a bookstore so you know how bookstores looks like right ?
showing off #ootd while giving a clearer picha on what the place looks like =D

looked super 水肿 that day i won't blame the peeps there if i didn't got the job D=
blaming my hormones !! female periods why u no come on another day ?
you make me envy transsexual you know ? DD=

anyways , being able to show up in mina magazine has always been one of my tiny teeny dreams because all the models in it look so damn good ! so yea , now you know one of my scheme to stardom haha
look at my pile of mina magazine back at my room , i think if i never bought them i'll be hundreds of ringgit richer now lol

so i brought my agent there so she could take care of all the caplang details for me ^^ look how pretty she is 
she's so efficient she even bought bread for me just in case i never take my breakfast , which in fact , i really didn't !! i'm sosososo lucky to have her lol

going to end here seeing i have no more pichas to post lol
this trip to mina has made me realize something i didn't want to realize , that is , me is growing fat DD=
made a diet plan i don't know whether i can follow so pinch me if you see me stuffing myself with meat or carbohydrates *sigh* ..... my life looks so gloomy right now D=

cheers ,

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  1. Where got fat? You looks slim and extremely pretty!! Hope your interview was great!! =D

  2. Yup,slim lah babe....pretty n good luck for it

  3. I was selected for the interview too. too bad i wasnt free for that day. :-( got event.

  4. hahaha thankiew bendan and baby cherry =DD ahhhh nicole you should have go !! then at least i'll see familiar faces there lol