36 monthsary

July 30, 2012

hello peeps ! so this post is full of pichas so be prepared !! don't go saying i never warned you this post is about me , me and me AGAIN lolol
well , this IS my blog ! of course i'd be talking about myself #wth i don't need to clarify anything i don't even know why i'm explaining myself 
so , just in case you don't know , a 36 monthsary equals 3 years haha
i just say it in months to be more impressive seeing 36 months sounds longer than just plain , old 3 years
so ya !! i've been with the boyfie for like , 3 years
just in case you're ignorant of it , ta dah !! picha of me and le boyfie !!
some peeps will say that he looks like me but seriously , we have absolutely NO relations okay ?
not cousins , not relative , and definitely not brother @.@
i too wished to have a brother as good-looking lol #humblebrag
just simple boyfie =DD

to prepare myself for the big event !!

the final outcome !!
so prettay anot ????
okay it's abit blur here but anyways if you want clearer view , it's the first picha of this post =D
maybe i haven't been making up for weeks so le make up is not very impressive *sigh*
have to make up more , you lazy-bum !!

while this is le outfit of the day =D
skirt is super love !!

so ,we went to the delicious in midvalley for our dinner 

basically the decorations

some picha le boyfie took of me heehee

my duck confit spaghettini
taken by le humble skilled cuisine photographer , which is ME !!

charis with duck confit spaghettini =D

boyfie's fish n' chips

must be influenced by me , cause he was like , " take my picha take my picha !! " 
after he took the picha of me and my duck confit spaghettini lolol

on the second day , we had buffet style breakfast and the place looks like this !
awesome ! and the food is even more awesome but i stuffed all the food in my mouth before the boyfie reminded me to take pichas D=
so it's just this DD=

another one of us !!
sick of us yet ? hahahaha

ending with a last vain picha of me , 

cheers ,
charis xoxo

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