diary of a teacher for a day

July 25, 2012

dear dairy / blog ,
today i went to the kindergarden to help AGAIN
mum asked me to teach english , BM chinese to the six years old
well , i'm not a stranger to them seeing this is not my first time there though i seldom mention it here
all of them were like , " teacher charis !!!!!!!! "
yes , literally screaming lol
i don't know whether they like me because i'm good in teaching or because i always let them rest and play lol though i got a feeling it's the latter one =D
anyways ,
overally they considered to be quite obedient
not sure whether i'm good or they're usually like that haha
yes i'll keep asking until someone says it's because i'm good !!! lolol
though i chose to forget the scene where they got too excited playing and was laughing like mad people running all over the place and screaming on top of their lungs going " fireworks !!! " while throwing the toys all over the floor la

signing off ,
missy of the day

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  1. wow.. teacher charis! hahahaha.....
    nice to meet you. 1st time come in. ^^

  2. hahhaa okay now i sound old when someone other than a six-year-old calls me teacher charis LOL xp